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#127375 - The tall, straight stiffy was an instrument of intricate veins, and smooth skin, with a nicely pointed cap crowning the soldier at attention. ' Mandy's musing went further, 'But on the other hand, why not make magic with a trip to fantasyland, and take a ride on the kinky carpet – [a-lad-an'] his mom, if you will pardon the poor pun!' “Darling?” She opened her coy ploy, to play on his complex with an Oedipus play, staring 'Kid' Kincaid, “Would you like to pretend to be the son, and I'll be your momma?” Immediately, his face lit up, and his penis raise higher. Set an example of what devoted partners do with one another, and how these dedicated parents of his, allow their adult son to know about the joy of sex, second hand at least?” “I think - ,” Mandy began, but then stopped, knowing it was two against one and she was out voted, “I think that you ought to quit while you're ahead, and give me some head instead!” She smiled at Harry, an

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