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#204450 - “Now, I’m going to count down from ten and the closer I get to one the more relaxed you will get and when I get to one you will sleep and follow my commands” Leo claimed, “ten, nine, eight, more relaxed…” he started and I began to question what I should do, whether I should keep pretending letting Leo think he knew what he was doing? “seven, six, five…” he went on, or should I freak him right the hell out pretending to be crazy and make him think he brought out something… dark in me? “four, three, two…” he said, or should I burst his bubble and end the game? “One, now sleep” Leo finished and I let my body slump a bit but I was in full control of myself, “no way” Leo let slip in disbelief, “hey…” he said, “uh… Ethan” he finally said and I realized he’d forgotten my name, “are you messing with me?” he asked I wanted to giggle but fought the urge keeping a straight face, but I didn’t know how to answer the question without giving myself away so I just kept quiet sitting there with my e

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