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#324170 - She showed me round the house and showed me how to use the video and where all there films were, they told me to help myself to whatever I wanted and treat the house as my own for the night, they left me a contact number and all disappeared out the door to a waiting taxi… After watching telly for an hour or so, I decided to explore the house properly, not really being nosey but just to take my time, and not be rushed about like earlier, I went into the big bed room again and layed on the big bed, I could lay on it sideways and still had room above my head. About an hour later we were in the car on the way to Debbies house, it was about a twenty minute drive, and we turned into a really nice estate, with big new houses, and posh cars on there gardens, “here we are said Ken” as he turned into a little close with only 3 houses in it, he put his hand on Renies leg and started rubbing up her thigh, “ready for a fun night then kid?” he looked at Renie and smiled, “I hope so” she laughing

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