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#16971 - After stepping into the room, she extended her hand and said, I'm Melanie Ross, I guess we'll be sharing a compartment together! The younger woman accepted Melanie's hand and replied, My name is Nancy Perkins, but everyone calls me Nan, I took the upper berth if that's okay with you, I had the upper bunk back home as a little girl, and I'm used to sleeping up in the air! No problem, replied Melanie, since I have about twenty years on you, I just as soon not have to climb all the way up there!!! Nan laughed at Melanie's little joke and then returned to her task of unpacking her clothes. After several high balls, Melanie began to relax and tried to put the incident with the conductor behind her. Finally breaking away, Nan asked contentedly, Exactly how far is it to Seattle, anyway!?! Melanie snuggled up next to her new lover and replied softly, Just far enough, just far enough!!! THE END.

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