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#162070 - The Cruise Chapter 3 I awoke around 10am showered I put on some shorts and a t shirt I took a novel and decided to go the indoor pool relax and read on the way there I picked up a coffee and a snack the seats were arranged in threes and fours in small alcoves I found an empty lounger and made myself comfortable after about half an hour of reading my book I was suddenly aware someone was standing at the end of my lounger I looked over my book and it was Suzanne and Joanne from the coach trip can we join you Suzanne enquired? Yes feel free I said Suzanne asked if I would like anything I said a latte would be nice and off she went Joanne smiled at me and said she was going for a swim she took off her top and then peeled off her tight denim shorts she was wearing a tiny black bikini she looked like a typical cheer leader about five foot four inches tall, tanned, long blonde hair fairly large boobs I would say F or double F the bikini top was very small just two triangles covering her nip

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