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#135101 - “I don’t want a Fighting-type Pokemon as my first Pokemon, dad. As the summary says, this story contains bestiality, so if you’re not into that, it’s probably best that you go find another series to pursue, as the majority of the sexual encounters will involve Pokemon and the Protagonist, though there may be a few humans sprinkled here and there to change things up. It’s easier to think of it as an attempt to further the Pokemon/Trainer bond, and there are fewer acts that could further this quickly than consensual sex, right? Aisha would have none of Nick’s retreat.

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Shamu meruruusa
Wait hol up she has tikkity tok
Suzu fujibayashi
Lowkey thought there was gonna be a jumpscare at the end of the countdown a little disappointed ngl
Katsuie shibata
Holy fuck her tits are huge