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#161369 - I thrust, I jerked, and I moaned before cumming deep up inside Samantha’s pussy. Samantha said, “Mommy I want it first! Please! Lick me real well so that it will slide right in!” Betty said, “Oh! Don’t mind her! She’s still a virgin and very excited! She is plenty wet enough for you right now!” Samantha said, “I can take a cock your size in any one of my holes, or all three if you’re up to it!” Betty said, “Heavens yes! I’ve seen her do it! Hell I’ve even done it to her!” I said, “Okay! You’ve convinced me! So you want to be first Samantha!” She said, “Oh yes!” She got on her back, lifted her knees, and welcomed me with outstretched arms. Samantha said, “Oh yes! We have fucked ourselves with the tiny bats and candles! The clothespins have been clamped to our nipples for at least two hours!” Betty said, “It seems to be all we can stand!” Samantha said, “Some of the items have been in both of our pussies too!” Betty said, “Especially the double-ended dildo

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