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#98558 - In my eyes he was a good looking and very likable guy, although his personal hygiene and unkempt state caused him untold misery and heartache, Gary and the rest of his family were taunted and bullied, they got called tramps and often assaulted for no reason other than his clothes were dirty and his mum was an alcoholic, but no matter what people said about him he was my best mate, and I honestly loved him. I could have beat anyone at that party in a fight including Gary, but them all together shouting abuse was too much for me to handle, I left the party and went straight home to bed. 20 minutes later he texted telling me to meet him at the corner of our street, and that I was to bring the boxers he had been wearing before he put on my present with me, I did not have to look for them I had them in my hand at the time the text came through, I left the house straight away and met him about 5 minutes later, I gave him his boxers and apologized for trying it on with him, he threw the o

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Kisara nanjou
Thank you
Minagi tohno
So hot
Yoshitaka nakabayashi
Wow amazing job
Ami futami
Great rider
Rei ryuugazaki
Watch it for the plot