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#44196 - I wait, wait, wait And wait moment’s pass I feel like im going to scream If you don’t touch me Im better then that and I know I wont. This is freedom From the pain of life You bring me to a new world The world that haunts my dreams Sweet serenity I feel the kiss Of the crop my lover I moan as it kisses My flesh stinging I look up at you but your heart is gone Some where far away with her I whimper calling you to me But im not her I scream And I hate you For not loving me For thinking of her when I give myself to you I feel the gag and I swallow my spit Tears falling The ropes tighten and I cant breath….

Read Australian Naitou 2 Number 02 Bubblebutt Naitou 2 Number 02

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Xiao qiao
In northern colorado also in phoenix arizona and miami florida but i keep looking i am addicted
Kenichi shirahama
Beautiful girl
Motoko kusanagi
You can hear that jet engine ps4 in the background
Spike spiegel
This vid is kinda terrible lmao what a bitch
Would ve been better