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#382018 - Cindy was trim and athletic, with small round firm breasts, while Donna was more voluptuous, with a large buxom chest that begged for attention, and as was usually the case when Donna made love, the first thing her partner did was bury his face in her sea of tit flesh! God, you are big and soft, moaned Cindy, as she let a large nipple pop into her mouth, to be sucked on greedily! Donna hadn't had a god tit sucking since she was incarcerated, and feeling of a warm mouth on her chest was heavenly!!! Both women intertwined their legs together, until their puffy mounds made contact, and with just a little fine tuning, eventually their clits connected, and all it took was some steady pressure to bring both of them to a steaming, sweaty orgasm! As they lay in each other's arms, talk returned to Jud and his magnificent cock, until a few minutes later they were fast asleep with visions of erections floating through their heads!!! Tonight was the night, and Cindy was beside herse

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Nori sakurada
Looks like ruby sparx
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World class for sure