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#129038 - Now the pain of her virgin nipples and her nostrils along with her cunt lips was almost unbearable the whimpering had been coupled with short sobs and more painful convulsions as each time she sobbed it brought out a short painful screech! And as if this was not bad enough he was now toying with her clitoris and for a moment could not help himself and gave it a very hard and sadistic pinch! Followed by a short suck, all of the pain and with sissy trying to hold her breath with her mouth wide open and not move, this last gesture brought on another forceful climax and when she was shuddering with this painful torture he attached the last sharp alligator clamp directly to her formerly pea sized clitoris that was now almost three time as big as it was just two weeks ago and let the bungee cord go!!!!. Sissy was rewarded again by this most wonderful forceful shower of cum that was quickly followed by several more orgasms, and from this formerly dominating woman as her knees too were now sh

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Uffff i love this