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#398241 - Several hours later Mike wakes up in a strange room, Dave sitting at a desk in the corner, Where am I Mike said, Your in my private office, remember? Dave said getting up and moving closer to Mike so he can see him more clearly, Ohh right, where’s Steve? Mike asked starting to remember why he had come here, he went home for awhile until your ready to leave here, witch should be soon Dave replied, So did you, you know? Mike asked, Yes, it's gone, your now half the man you use to be Dave said with a laugh, Well you should get some more sleep, so you can get out of here Dave said as he went back to his desk to get back to work, hey Doc, How long before I can use this um, you know? Mike called from across the room, A few days at least Dave replied and continued his paperwork. Michael would be the last person to consider himself gay, he is a very handsome young eighteen year old man who has had many girl friends and sexual partners all female but with his fantasies

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