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#326568 - She asked did the dogs behave? were they mean or what? I said they were little angles(even though I meant dirty little angles) I haven't had sex with those dogs since that was a 1 time deal right there never again I'm sticking with humans from now on and also it was sort of sick fucking a female dog it felt really nasty. Then I saw something underneath him it was his dick. Then I told them to follow me they did and we went into the shower and I washed all the cum off of my ass and dick, Roxie's ass, and Bosco's dick then we got out let them outside I got dressed and 5 minutes later the girlfriend got home and she asked did u have fun today? I said no not at all avouisly lying.

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Sadayo kawakami
He was squeezing her ass like a mf slime hentai lmao
Chika takami
I love these things
Kogane tsukioka
Tits of a goddess
Yuuichi jin
Shes not even thicc
Mashiro mitsumine
Very hot hope to see a denim skirt hentai next