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#379580 - Petersen, she whimpered, just look at my panties, I think they're ruined!!! Oh, no, he stammered, I-I'm sure that if you just launder them they'll be all right!!! Do you really think so, she asked hopefully, I don't wanna get in trouble at home with mom!?! Why would she care, he said thickly, she'll just wash them with the rest of the load!?! I can't take that chance, Becky fairly whined, if she sees them she'll just know I've been thinking about penises and stuff, and then she'll ask daddy to spank my bare bottom!!! Y-your father spanks your bare bottom, he asked with a very dry mouth!?! And it really hurts, too, it makes me cry so hard, I just don't wanna get spanked, what am I gonna do, she wailed!?! She was really making a commotion now and Mr. Petersen, she asked shyly, I-I have another problem I hope you can help me with!!! W-what is it, he croaked, I-I'll do my best to do what I can!?! It'

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