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#134785 - My cock was soft but growing, so I moved and stuck it in Sue's mouth, now she had 3 cocks to play with, she nearly bite it off a few times when her orgasm's hit, the other two girls played with her tits and cunt, Sue was going wild, I grabbed her tits a few times, they were nice and firm for big tits too. With several drinks and a camera we headed up, it was so peaceful other than a towel we had nothing to cover us from the warm spring air, once at the top we sat down enjoying the view, we watched the girls as much as the sunset, equally both great views. Then Lou said coffee please, I said excuse me again, and leaned over her again to get the coffee, Gretchen's eyes seemed to pop out of her head each time, Lou was smiling, then I saw why, Lyn had her hand on his cock under the table, just out of sight from Gretchen, Lyn then said, be careful of Gretchen will bite your dick off if you keep doing that.

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