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#90800 - A storm was now raging outside, she smiled as lightening cracked, it was truly winter in louisiana, Theres no way your going out in that storm lil one, no way, you might as well get comfy. She flipped me over again, even though I was big a girl myself she threw me around like a pillow, she tore of her pants and stood above me. One time during a awful drunken night during Mardi gras, I saw Irene beat the snot out of a silly redneck from Idaho, I never knew what he did to offend her, but he left with blood pouring from his nose like a faucet, and she wore his U of I hat as a trophy for a week.

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Damn she took it like a champ bravo
This is what i need
Kouga gennosuke
I came all over my bed because of that big fucking ass