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#215064 - ” He reached out a hand and helped her get back onto her feet. He went into the kitchen feeling slightly rejuvenated from his morning activity, he sat at the kitchen table watching his Mother placing his breakfast on a plate, she walked over and placed his meal before him, her dressing gown opening before him giving another ample glance at her breasts. She hoped into the shower feeling the hot pleasure of the water once again run over her naked form, she ran her hair thought the stream getting it nice and wet before reaching for the shampoo and applying a generous amount to her palm, she slowly began to massage her finger through her hair getting the shampoo on every strand, after a few minutes she washed it out and did the same to the conditioner until her hair felt soft and fluffy, she wiped the water out of her eyes and reached for her razor, she lifted her left arm up and began to shave the small hairs that has just began to grow back, she repeated the process onto the other

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