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#383315 - Switching hands with the needle he jabbed it into her desensitized rump and squeezed every bit of the contents out. Tell you what, we'll give you an extra hundred apiece if you'll break your rule just this once. She did as she was told, lying her arms flat on the felt covered tabletop and opening her mouth as wide as she could.

Read Shot 母と姉と青い苺のフロマージュ 第2話(Chinese) Bucetuda 母と姉と青い苺のフロマージュ 第2話(Chinese)

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You have to destroy the crystals at the top of the obsidian towers those crystals heal the dragon you can either shoot them with a bow or destroy them up close but it dose damage the if your to close
He was eating her out and she rlly said the whole damn time bruh