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#395724 - “he says that you can watch if you like maybe even join in orally if you want but it’s up to you if you rather go out for a few hours that’s ok too” I could barely believe what she had said it was so matter of fact, all I could say was ok if that’s what you want, “Great I give him a call I am sure he will be pleased he is a bit of a show off really and I am sure he would like you to see his equipment” with that she wandered off with her cell phone. The following morning when the alcohol had worked its self off she was a little more pleasant and asked me to call in sick as she intended to do so that we could talk things through, I started into my pre arranged apology for the way that I had been treating her and told her that I accepted that it had been my fault and that I wanted to forgive her and put it all behind us, she was quiet throughout all that I said and after I finished she leaned forward kissed me and told me that she loved me and was pleased that I was not angry and puttin

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