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Gay Ryobo Mochi - Naruto Que

[ねこまた屋 (ねこまたなおみ)] 両棒餅 (ナルト) [英訳]


Parodies: Naruto (290)
Languages: Translated English
Categories: Doujinshi
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#11498 - Without warning, Chantelle thrust her hips forwards and let out a low moan, rising in volume into a yell, and then just as it changed into a series of strange sharp high-pitched yaps followed by more straining moans, hot liquid burst out from her, gushing over my fingers and streaming down my arm and over my chest. There was a slight delay as I fumbled around the back of her bra, but I soon discovered that the clasp was at the front, and released her beautiful shapely D cups, and started gently licking and kissing the surface, intending to work up to the nipples. It seemed to go on for well over a minute, maybe even more, the hot liquid gushing down my throat, but her grip gradually relaxed and I was able to breathe.

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