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#343997 - I am sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to be called with Sir it’s been a week since I took the test and I am scared I don’t know how to take care of a baby. After we eat I take a shower and get ready for my nightly fucking but he doesn’t come to bed so I go outside and see that the barn is open and I go inside to see that he is fucking the female dog may he is hitting her as he cums my pussy begins to throb so I start rubbing my clit and he looks at me with a smile as I cum he ask me if I liked the show but before I say yea he slaps me across the face because I forgot to ask if I could cum. After an hour, he comes in as I am putting dinner on the table with his shirt off telling me how tight her pussy is and how he can’t wait to fuck her ass I ask what about me he tells me that I will be getting mine he tells me that I can fuck the horses and make the dogs lick my pussy but I can’t fuck them because he doesn’t want them knotting me.

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Yui nanase
Beautiful love the ending
Isuzu shiranui
Lucky old bastard