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#303810 - He went away from our town to work so I never saw him again. My next encounter with sex was with a boy when I was nineteen, he was rough and hurt me so I gave him up, Just after that I met John, we were at a wedding and of course we danced and talked a lot, John was a very good conversationalist the best I have ever known, We dated two more times and then John told me he was a voyeur,(I didn't know what that was) so John told me, he said he has always been one and he gets a kick out of looking up girls skirts etc but said he wasn't a peeping tom, he wouldn't creep around and look in windows for example, He told me this so I could make up my mind before things maybe got too serious between us, I was a little taken back by his honesty but said I could live with that so we carried on dating and soon we made love, John was fantastic and I fell in love with him and soon we were married, Our sex life was smashing and I gave birth to two gir

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