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#214438 - A short while later after a kick of the footy I headed home as the feeling of Pams satin feel panties was making me hard again, as I walked along the thought of my penis being close to where her pussy had been along with the satin sliding over the head of my dick had me close to orgasm again, I managed to hold on until my bedroom but as soon as I pulled my shorts off I lost it and shot another wad off into Pams panties before I could get them down. Over the next year we continued our tryst most weekday afternoons with it usually just being a cum dump, she seemed to gain a great amount of pleasure from just pleasing me and would tussle my hair afterwards saying something like “did you enjoy that”, “good boy” “bet your glad to get that off your mind’ etc etc. Chook and I had been best mates for as long as I can remember and our mums treated us like a part of the family so we felt right at home in each others houses.

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