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#359694 - So on Friday we went to a young girls shop and he said to his Male friend Joel,that owned the shop, “this is my son CRIS but I call him CRISSY”, and Joel Said “he is a very lovely boy, but if you like we can dress Crissy up to look like a Little Girl”, Daddy said “That,is why I came to you as you would know what I want for Crissy” . Joel got me to try on the Panties and I was looking at myself in the Big Mirrors, so I looked over at Daddy and he was looking at me with Panties on and he said “By the time you are finished Joel will have you looking like a Little Girl” with that he run his hand over the BULGE in the front of his Pants, and Joel also had a BULGE in his pants, they both said “ you are starting to look very Lovely” Then Joel handed me a Dress that just covered my Panties, and Joel said to me “Swirl around and show off your Panties” so I did what was asked of me, with that my Daddy unzipped his fly and took out his BIG COCK. But the best is still to come with Daddy having P

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Hakuya mitsumine
Her name
Yusaku godai
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