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#215439 - Looking around the room I could see all but Emily were sleeping, the drink had had effected them more than I was hoping, Emily walked over to me, “Come on daddy, let’s put Jenny and the others to bed and get you cleaned up” ten minutes later I was showering in Emily’s room, I dressed and was heading out to return home, “Thanks for this dad, you made Jenny really happy” we hugged and I was gone. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me up a little, “That was fucking awesome daddy” I told her I wasn’t finished yet, I got her kneeling and thrust into her pussy doggy style, her small tits hung under her and as I thrust into her I reached around and started mauling them, paying lot’s of attention to her nipples, I felt her muscles contract around my cock and I creamed in her once more, she did pass out at that point. She stayed the night, only returning to her room half an hour before she was due in class.

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