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#95451 - After breakfast, we all went to get ready for the funeral Jackie and I were in our bedroom when I asked her if she enjoyed last night, she said we must have had a lot to drink because she only remembers bits, did Fred behave himself when you were on his knee in the taxi I asked, she looked at me not really she said I remember his hand had found the top of my leg and I had hold of it with mine stopping him going any further, but his fingers could reach my knickers and he was just sliding a finger up and down the front of them, which really got me tingling down there me too I said, then it was awful I got this urge to let him touch me and the filthy old bastard did before I knew what was happening his finger was inside me god I was soaking then I remember being up here my pussy tingling like mad I laid on the bed and played with my self then I woke up this morning my pussy full of your cum and my tits are killing me I am not happy with you for taking advantage of me like that, but I have

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